Upgrade Isilon OneFS


This page documents the basic steps of upgrading the Isilon OneFS operating system. This specific upgrade was from to but the process and screenshots should be accurate for any 7.x upgrades.


  • If possible, perform a cluster reboot or reboot each of the nodes individually roughly 2 weeks prior to the OS upgrade
    • Skipping this step may cause the OneFS upgrade to fail on the last step.
  • Download the new version of OneFS from support.emc.com (PowerLink account reqd)
    • Click Downloads
    • Under Find a Product, type Isilon OneFS and hit enter
    • Browse to the desired version of OneFS on the left hand side
    • Expand the Full Release section
    • Download the package that ends in installation file
    • Place this installation file somewhere on the Isilon cluster that will be upgrade
  • If upgrading from 6.x -> 7.x or 7.1 -> 7.2  then a full cluster reboot will be required as opposed to a rolling upgrade.

Upgrade Steps

  • Login to the Web GUI for the Isilon cluster that will be updated
  • Click Help -> About this Cluster in the top right
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  • Click Browse and locate the installation file that was download in the prep-steps
  • Click Submit
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  • This will kickoff a series of steps. Some will be automated and some will prompt for input. The large steps are listed below
  • After all of the nodes have shutdown their services a cluster reboot is initiated
  • Once the cluster reboots the upgrade is complete
  • Verify cluster health by logging into the Web GUI or issuing the following command via SSH

isi status


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