UCS – Rebuild a Failed FlexFlash Array


When running a RAID1 array with two SD cards on a UCS FlexFlash controller you may encounter a situation where one of the SD cards has failed and you need to replace and rebuild the RAID array. Unfortunately, the steps to resolve this issue are slightly different then how you would with an HDD RAID array.


  • Verify the RAID array is unhealthy.
  • In UCS Manager click the Servers section and then click on the Server in question.
  • Click Inventory -> Storage
  • Click the FlexFlash controller in the list of controllers
  • Expand the FlexFlash Cards section
  • Verify the status of the RAID array and note which card has failed.









  • Physically replace the SD card
  • Go back into Servers -> Server -> Inventory -> Storage and click on the FlexFlash controller
  • Click Configure Auto-sync
  • Ensure that mirror mode is set to pair
  • Admin slot number should be set to the healthy SD card
    • If you get this step backwards you will erase your healthy SD card. The example below shows a scenario where SD card is unhealthy and the data should be mirror from 1 to 2.












  • Click Ok
  • Refresh the page and notice that the unhealthy card’s status is now Initializing
  • This will take 30-60 minutes and then the RAID array will be healthy.


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