UCS – Change the Bootable LUN


I recently ran into an issue in UCS Manager where I had multiple local LUNs configured and it was setting the wrong LUN as bootable. I finally ended up opening a support case as I didn’t see anywhere to change the bootable LUN.

Change Bootable LUN

The bootable LUN is controlled by the boot policy. The steps below walk you through finding the name of your local LUN and setting the boot policy to boot from that LUN.

  • Login to UCS Manager
  • Browse to the Storage Section and look at the Storage Profile
  • Within the Storage Profile you should have a list of Local LUNs. In the example below I have 1 Local LUN named OS.







  • Write down the name of the Local LUN.
  • Browse to the Server section in UCS Manager.
  • Browse to Policies and select your Boot Policy.
  • Click Add Local LUN







  • At the Add Local LUN Image Path screen select the Primary radio button
  • Type in the name of the LUN you previously wrote down (i.e. OS)
  • Click Ok






  • This will set the boot LUN to be the OS LUN

Verify Proper Boot LUN

  • Browse to the service profile for the server with the updated boot LUN
  • Click the Storage Tab
  • Click the LUN that should be bootable
  • Look in the bottom right to verify that bootable is set to Enabled.


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