Generate a CSR in Windows


In some situations it may be necessary to create a Certificate-Signing Request within Windows. There are many different ways to create a CSR within Windows but the tool outlined on this page is bundled with Windows and doesn’t require any additional software.


  • Open notepad
  • Paste in the contents below and save as certificate-request.inf
  • Replace CountryCode, CompanyName and with the correct information

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Configure SSL on a SQL Failover Cluster


  • Have an SSL cert where the Common Name (CN) of the cert matches the name of the SQL instance that needs to have SSL enabled. A wildcard cert will also work.
  • Ability to modify the registry on each of the cluster nodes

Step 1 of 2 (Import the Certificate into Windows)

  • Hold down the Windows key and push R to open a run window
  • Type mmc.exe and hit enter
  • Click the File menu and select Add/Remove Snap-in…
  • Select Certificates from the left column and click Add >
  • Select Computer Account and click Next when prompted


  • Click Finish
  • Click Ok

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