Set-Realm UCS Errors During Firmware Upgrade


exclamation_warningHelp! I’m in the middle of upgrading the firmware on my UCS fabric interconnects and after I upgraded the first fabric interconnect I received these set-realm errors in UCS Manager:

  • set-realm-peer-failed
  • set-realm-local-failed

If you googled around you probably found a handful of completely useless Cisco articles that suggested you Google more or call support 🙁

Good news! According to Cisco support these errors can be caused by having mismatched firmware on the fabric interconnects. To verify everything is still working properly simply login with both an LDAP account and a local account. If you can, you are safe to proceed!

Upgrade Drive Firmware on an Isilon Cluster


Occasionally EMC will release new firmware packages for various drives used in Isilon nodes. The process documented here can be used to upgrade the firmware on the drives prior to OneFS version 7.1. The firmware upgrade process prior to OneFS version 7.1 uses the Isilon Drive firmware package.


  • Login to
    • PowerLink account required
  • Search for Isilon Drive Firmware Package
  • Download the latest package (1.9 as of 02/2015)
    • Review the release notes of this package
  • Copy this package onto the Isilon cluster
  • Determine how the firmware upgrade will be applied
    • Serial – This is the recommended method. This requires physical access to each node in the Isilon cluster
    • SSH – This allows the firmware upgrade to performed remotely. Unfortunately in some situations the firmware upgrade process can fail after SSH has been stopped on the node. In those situations the node will remain offline until a reboot is performed via a serial connection. Therefore SSH is not the recommended method.
      • If using SSH then the Infiniband IP address must be used as opposed to the 1Gbe or 10Gbe interface. The Infinband IP(s) for each node can be obtained via the Web GUI by simply clicking on the node number and looking for the IP next to int-a or int-b.



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