Setting Up LastPass & Duo

This weekend I decided that it was finally time to give LastPass another try. One of my long term concerns with LastPass was the need for a cheap and conveinent 2-factor authentication solution.LastPass_Duo_Logo When I originally looked into LastPass (a long time ago!) the only real option was a YubiKey. This key not only cost money but also used 1 of my very valuable USB ports. So I’m glad to report that LastPass now offers a variety of 2-factor authentication and 2 step verification options. In exploring LastPass’ 2-step verification options I saw that they supported Duo which brought a smile to my face because not only is Duo free, but it’s also already installed on my iPhone. So I promptly configured Duo with LastPass and wanted to share how simple that process is.

Step 1: Sign-up for LastPass

The first step in this setup is obviously to get a LastPass account. So head on over to, create a new account and be sure to choose an ultra-sophisticated master password. Remember, once you’re done with this guide this will be the only password you need to remember so you can afford to use all of your brain power!

Step 2: Sign-up for Duo

Bounce over to and make a new Duo account. Even the free account will be perfectly fine for use with LastPass.

Note: I highly recommend using a Duo Push as your preferred verification method.

Step 3: Configure Duo for LastPass

  • Login to and click Application on the left side.
  • Click Protect an Application on the right side





  • Search for LastPass and click Protect this application






  • This tab should contain your Integration Key, Secret Key and API hostname
  • Keep this tab open and proceed to the next step

Step 4: Configure LastPass for 2-factor authentication

  • Login to LastPass
  • Click Account Settings
  • Click Multifactor Options at the top






  • Scroll down to Duo and click the pencil icon on the right




  • Complete the form using the information from Duo in your other browser tab
  • Click Update

Step 5: Enjoy!

Now, whenever your LastPass Vault needs to be unlocked you will be asked for your password and will also have to approve the action in Duo.


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