Restore an SRX Firewall to a Rescue Config


If the configuration of an SRX firewall is ever broken by committing a bad change then the firewall can be rolled back via the rescue config. This process requires that the rescue config was originally configured and also requires physical access to the firewall.

Prep Steps if the firewall is in a cluster

  • Push the power button on the secondary firewall
  • Wait 2-3 minutes until the secondary firewall has finished powering down

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Configure SSL on a SQL Failover Cluster


  • Have an SSL cert where the Common Name (CN) of the cert matches the name of the SQL instance that needs to have SSL enabled. A wildcard cert will also work.
  • Ability to modify the registry on each of the cluster nodes

Step 1 of 2 (Import the Certificate into Windows)

  • Hold down the Windows key and push R to open a run window
  • Type mmc.exe and hit enter
  • Click the File menu and select Add/Remove Snap-in…
  • Select Certificates from the left column and click Add >
  • Select Computer Account and click Next when prompted


  • Click Finish
  • Click Ok

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Configure a Certificate for a C7000 Enclosure


By default HP blade enclosures come with private certificates that will cause web browsers to display a warning message each time the Onboard Administrator is accessed. This article provides the steps to configure a valid, self-signed, or publicly-signed certificate to eliminate these warning messages.


  • Login to the active OA of the blade enclosure
  • On the left side expand Active Onboard Administrator and select Certificate Administration


  • Click the Certificate Request tab
  • Select Generate a certificate-signing request (CSR)
  • Under the Required Information heading populate the information to create the CSR
    • Common Name should be the FQDN of the blade enclosure
  • Click Apply

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Welcome to Nervous Admin!

Hey everyone! My name is Jay Weier and I am the creator of Nervous Admin. Over the last 9 years I’ve been working as a Systems Administrator in NH. All Systems Administrators rely heavily on blogs and articles available via Google to do our jobs. So this blog is me trying to give back to that community by creating tutorials and publishing information on what I encounter in my day to day life.

I picked the name Nervous Admin with the hope that this site will help a nervous Systems Administrator become more confident in what they are about to do. It’s always nice to know that someone has done this before you and lived to talk about it 🙂