Import a Public SSH Key in 3PAR CLI


This page documents the process of importing a public SSH key into the 3PAR CLI. This will allow for private key authentication instead of password based authentication.


  • Create a private/public key.


  • Open an SSH session to the 3PAR CLI
    • Login with the username that will use the SSH key for authentication
  • Issue the following command:


  • Copy the contents of the public key that was created in the prep-steps.
  • Paste the contents into the SSH window
  • Hit enter twice

2 thoughts to “Import a Public SSH Key in 3PAR CLI”

  1. Hi there,
    thank you for the quick tutorial, very useful!
    just a question, how can I setup the 3 par for passwordless login?

    I am in need to do some scripting, pipe the output of commands into some grep, etc… as a result, it is kind of necessary for me being able to issue a line such as
    ssh my3par [dosomethihng] | grep [findsomething]
    [run other commands]
    ssh my3par [dosomethingelse] > [redirecttomyfle]

    without having to manually insert the password.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. When you import a public SSH into the 3PAR this allows you to authenticate with the private key. So, when you SSH just specify the location of the private key instead of the public key.

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