HP Insight Control Server Provisioning: Initial Setup


Background Info

HP is actively working on retiring their re-branded Altiris product with their home grown Insight Control Server Provisioning product. ICSP is a completely new product but carries forward a lot of similarities with Altiris. Alritis administrators will quickly settle in using ICSP and find that it works hand-in-hand with HP hardware to provide a seamless provisioning experience.

Basic Setup

  • Download and deploy the OVA appliance to Hyper-V/VMWare
  • Assign the appropriate networks to the two network adapters
    • One will be for management and one will be for deployment
  • Start the VM and wait for it to load
    • This should take around 5 minutes
    • If the webpage times out click Try Again








  • Accept the licensing terms
  • Login with the default credentials
    • Username: administrator
    • PW: admin
  • Set a new administrator password and click Ok
  • Expand the appliance network adapter section and complete the following fields
    • Hostname – Enter the FQDN for the host
    • IP Address – Static IP for the appliance (used for management)
    • Subnet and Gateway for that Static IP
    • DNS Servers
  • Expand the deployment network adapter section and complete the following fields
    • Shared or Independent – This is used to determine if the deployment interface is on the same network as the appliance interface. If they are on the same network choose Shared, if not then choose Independent.
      • Note: The deployment IP address can NEVER be changed
    • IP Address – Static IP for the deployment network
    • Subnet
  • Verify the time settings are correct and click Ok










  • After the networking changes are applied the appliance will reboot
    • The appliance may take 10-15 minutes to start after rebooting
  • Login to the appliance with the username of administrator and the password that was previously set
    • The username is case sensitive
  • Click the Mega Menu and select Settings










Setup OS Product Keys

  • Scroll over Product Keys and click Edit
  • Click Create Product Key
  • Select your OS and input the Product Key
  • Repeat for each OS
  • Click Ok to close the Product Key window

Setup a Media Server

  • Click the Mega Menu and select Settings
  • Scroll over Media Server and click Edit
  • Download the media server installation media by click on the hyperlink in the yellow banner
  • Install and configure the Media Server
    • This requires a separate Windows server
  • Configure the media server and point to the location where you installed the Media Server

Configure DHCP

  • Click the Mega Menu and select Settings
  • Scroll over DHCP and click Edit
  • If needed, setup the DHCP server

Setup Authentication

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