Generate a CSR in Windows


In some situations it may be necessary to create a Certificate-Signing Request within Windows. There are many different ways to create a CSR within Windows but the tool outlined on this page is bundled with Windows and doesn’t require any additional software.


  • Open notepad
  • Paste in the contents below and save as certificate-request.inf
  • Replace CountryCode, CompanyName and with the correct information

Signature=”$Windows NT$”

Subject = “C=CountryCode, O=CompanyName,

KeySpec = 1
KeyLength = 2048
Exportable = TRUE
MachineKeySet = TRUE
SMIME = False
PrivateKeyArchive = FALSE
UserProtected = FALSE
UseExistingKeySet = FALSE
ProviderName = “Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider”
ProviderType = 12
RequestType = PKCS10
KeyUsage = 0xa0


  • Open a command prompt window
  • Issue the following command to create the CSR

certreq -new certificate-request.inf certificate-request.csr

  • Open the CSR file in notepad. The contents within this file is the CSR that needs to be provided to the Certificate Authority.

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