HP Insight Control Server Provisioning: Initial Setup


Background Info

HP is actively working on retiring their re-branded Altiris product with their home grown Insight Control Server Provisioning product. ICSP is a completely new product but carries forward a lot of similarities with Altiris. Alritis administrators will quickly settle in using ICSP and find that it works hand-in-hand with HP hardware to provide a seamless provisioning experience.

Basic Setup

  • Download and deploy the OVA appliance to Hyper-V/VMWare
  • Assign the appropriate networks to the two network adapters
    • One will be for management and one will be for deployment
  • Start the VM and wait for it to load
    • This should take around 5 minutes
    • If the webpage times out click Try Again








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Import a Public SSH Key in 3PAR CLI


This page documents the process of importing a public SSH key into the 3PAR CLI. This will allow for private key authentication instead of password based authentication.


  • Create a private/public key.


  • Open an SSH session to the 3PAR CLI
    • Login with the username that will use the SSH key for authentication
  • Issue the following command:


  • Copy the contents of the public key that was created in the prep-steps.
  • Paste the contents into the SSH window
  • Hit enter twice

Change the Port HP SIM/VCEM Uses


By default HP SIM/VCEM will run on port 50000. In some situations it may be required or desired to change this port. The steps below will walk through the process to change the port.


For these steps the partnerservice.bat script will need to be used. This script can be found in C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\

  • Stop all services with the command below

partnerservice.bat -stop all

  • RDP to the HP SIM/VCEM server
  • Browse to C:\Program Files\HP\Systems Insight Manager\jboss\server\hpsim\deploy\jboss-web.deployer\
  • Edit the server.xml file
  • Replace port 50000 with the desired port
    • Port 50000 will need to be changed in 2 places
  • Start all services with the command below

partnerservice.bat -start all

Configure a Certificate for a C7000 Enclosure


By default HP blade enclosures come with private certificates that will cause web browsers to display a warning message each time the Onboard Administrator is accessed. This article provides the steps to configure a valid, self-signed, or publicly-signed certificate to eliminate these warning messages.


  • Login to the active OA of the blade enclosure
  • On the left side expand Active Onboard Administrator and select Certificate Administration


  • Click the Certificate Request tab
  • Select Generate a certificate-signing request (CSR)
  • Under the Required Information heading populate the information to create the CSR
    • Common Name should be the FQDN of the blade enclosure
  • Click Apply

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