Becoming a Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE)

Veeam Certified Engineer Background

The Veeam Certified Engineer or, VMCE for short, is the entry level certification offered by Veeam. It covers the basics of the product and focuses primarily on capabilities and licensing specifics as opposed to architecting or best practices. Becoming a Veeam Certified Engineer requires that you participate in a 3-day Veeam class and pass a proctored exam at a Pearson Vue testing facility.

Learning and Studying

The first place to start is obviously the required 3-day Veeam class. This class does a good job starting from scratch but can be a bit of a drag if you’re familiar with Veeam and Enterprise backup in general. I found it was more beneficial to setup a Veeam environment in my own lab as opposed to using the lab provided with the class. This gave me additional hands on experience and often outperformed the labs provided by the class.

Exam Prep Tips

  1. Complete the 3-day course and the corresponding labs.
  2. Read through the textbook that was provided in the course (yes, I know it’s over 200 pages!)
    1. Don’t worry about memorizing minimum system requirements except for which components require a 64-bit OS.
  3. Memorize the NAS and SAN arrays that Veeam supports, the OS requirements and any specific features that may or may not be supported.
  4. Know the Windows services that are installed with the different Veeam roles.
  5. Memorize the backup file types. Make sure you know them well enough to write them from scratch as the exam will likely give you multiple answers with the correct letters jumbled.
  6. Know where the extract utility is and the different ways to use it. Also, remember that it works with encrypted backup files and only extracts from full backup files
  7. Memorize as many of the licensing differences as you can (
  8. This practice exam is slightly easier then the actual exam:
  9. This exam is harder then the actual exam but is written by the author of the VMCE exam:

Exam Format

  • 50 multiple choice questions
  • I believe the exam is 60 minutes in length (this seems tight but felt like enough time)
  • Must achieve a score of 70% or higher to pass
  • Ability to flag questions and return to them later in the exam
  • No notes or access to electronics

Exam Topics

The exam was fairly broad and focused on many different topics. However, one topic that tripped me up was the number of questions regarding supported/non-supported NAS/SAN integration. The other area I struggled with was which windows services are created for each of the Veeam roles. There were a few questions on licensing so make sure you know that as well. Overall though it was pretty broad and all over the place but not too difficult. I believe the comments floating around on the web discussing the difficulty of this exam are a bit exaggerated.


You will instantly receive your result as well as a score each of the 11 different modules. For reference, my biggest areas of weakness were the Protect and Verification modules.

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