Add an Isilon Node to a Cluster


Typically adding a node to an existing Isilon cluster is very simple. However, if you are impatient like I am then you might want to know exactly what’s going on at every step of the process. The process frequently takes 30+ minutes and therefore after about 20 minutes of waiting you may be wondering if the something is wrong.

Phase 1 – Tell the node to join the cluster

  • Turn on the new node and attached the Infinband cables to the existing Infiniband switch
    • The power button is in the rear of the NL nodes
  • After about 5 minutes the node will come up and the front panel will automatically ask you to join the existing cluster
  • Simply click the middle button on the display to begin the process

Phase 2 – Monitor the Progress

  • At this point the node will communicate the cluster to determine which version of OneFS the cluster is running
  • The node will then automatically install that version of OneFS and reboot
  • The status of this process can be followed two different ways

Phase 2a – Monitor via the Front Panel

  • Upon rebooting, the front panel will display the node as an Unconfigured Node


  • After a few minutes the front panel display will change to a status of Down:


  • After a few seconds the status should change from Down to Ok


Phase 2b – Monitor via the Web GUI

  • Browse to Cluster Management -> Hardware Configuration


  • Monitor the node status under Available Nodes
    • After the node finishes rebooting it will disappear from the available nodes list for roughly 10 minutes before it finishes joining the cluster.


Phase 3 – Confirm the Node Has Joined the Cluster

  • Login to the Web GUI
  • Ensure that the new node is listed in the cluster now


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