Import a Public SSH Key in 3PAR CLI


This page documents the process of importing a public SSH key into the 3PAR CLI. This will allow for private key authentication instead of password based authentication.


  • Create a private/public key.


  • Open an SSH session to the 3PAR CLI
    • Login with the username that will use the SSH key for authentication
  • Issue the following command:


  • Copy the contents of the public key that was created in the prep-steps.
  • Paste the contents into the SSH window
  • Hit enter twice

Enable Fancy Permalinks in WordPress on IIS


The majority of self-hosted WordPress installations use Apache as opposed to IIS. Therefore, when it came time to change the permalinks for it was a little trickier. That combined with the lack of documentation turned a rather simple process into a few hours of troubleshooting. The guide below is intended to streamline this process for anyone in the future.


  • Ensure that URL Re-Write is installed in IIS
    • This can be checked via the IIS Administration console, there should be an icon for URL Re-Write as seen here.
  • Browse to the root directory where WordPress is installed
    • This folder should contain files such as wp-config.php and wp-settings.php
  • Create/edit the web.config file
    • If creating the web.config file ensure it is created with UTF-8 encoding. Notepa++ is great for easily identifying the encoding for a text file.

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